About me

Born, raised and still living in Winnipeg, I started off my career in the accounting field. Graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1987 with a Bachelor of Commerce, I articled for about two years with a major accounting firm until I realized that this career wasn’t for me.   So, in the summer of 1989, I signed on as a tech support person at Autopia Computer Products.

At the time, Autopia was a family-owned, local software development company specializing in dental and car dealership software. In 1991, they sold the car dealership software and focused on the dental. I learned a lot about computers and programming in just a few short years with Autopia and using this knowledge, I found more efficient and consistent ways to deploy hardware and software to our customers. Isn’t that why we have computers? To do repetitive mundane tasks for us?

In 1994, I setup my own company (Byte-Size Images) and became an independent support branch office for Autopia; supporting customers from Saskatchewan to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Fast forward 19 years and I’m still doing the same thing even though the landscape has changed a bit. I do everything from building computers to network administrating.

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